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How many participants will be joining? Any vegetarians, vegans in the mix? Looking for a casual lunch break, a dinner party, or maybe a Happy Hour? Your event is fully customizable to your team!

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Select from our exciting workshop menus, or create your own. Popular options include Traditional Pasta Making, Mexican Street Food, Spanish Paella, or Thai Summer Rolls. Let us customize a fun and memorable event for your team.

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Reconnect & Have Fun!

Your Rockoly Chef will guide your team through the recipe, share insights and anecdotes, and encourage interaction and questions. Finally everyone virtually sits down together,
and enjoys their delicious home-cooked meal. The team that cooks together stays together!

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A Taste of Rockoly Menus for Your Next Team Building Event:

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Please, tell us a little bit about your team and the cooking workshop you have in mind. We will be in touch shortly to start creating your customized event.

What You Will Get With Rockoly

Fully Customizable
Cooking Events

Delivery of All Necessary

Add Wine Pairing or
Signature Drink

International Delivery For
Global Teams

Fully Customizable
to Your Team

Have team members who are vegan, vegetarian, have allergies, or dietary restrictions? No problem! We will deliver customized ingredients to your individual team members and work with your Chef to make sure everyone will have a great time.

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We Deliver All Necessary
Ingredients throughout US,
Canada, Europe, Australia and more

Your team members don’t need to leave the comfort of their home. All your ingredients, a wine pairing and your selected signature drinks are getting delivered right to everyone’s doorstep.

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Add Wine Pairing or
Signature Drink

Rockoly works with amazing sommeliers and mixologists. Whether you would like to plan a Happy Hour, add a wine pairing to your Charcuterie Board, or a signature cocktail created for your menu, Rockoly has got you covered!

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