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How It Works

Virtual Corporate Events


Tell Us About Your Team

How many participants will be joining? Any vegetarians, vegans in the mix? Looking for a casual lunch break, a dinner party, or maybe a Happy Hour? Your event is fully customizable!


Choose A Workshop

Select from our exciting workshop menus, or create your own. Popular options include Traditional Pasta Making, Mexican Street Food, or Spanish Paella.


Connect & Have Fun!

A Rockoly chef will guide your team through the recipe and help foster interaction. At the end. everyone enjoys delicious home-cooked meal together!


Collaborative Team-Building Workshop

Through video conferencing, a professional chef will guide your online team-building workshop, helping everyone create exciting meals together. Rockoly events encourage connection, boost morale, and foster socialization. We even add fun group games and entertainment for your team during the workshop.

We Deliver The Ingredients

Your team members don’t need to leave the comfort of their home. All ingredients, wine pairings, and selected signature drinks are delivered right to everyone’s doorstep.

Delivery For Team Building Event

Absolutely Scrumptious

Select from Rockoly’s exciting workshop menus, or create your own. Popular options include Traditional Pasta Making, Authentic Mexican Street Food, Spanish Paella, or Pizza from scratch. Let us customize a fun and memorable team-building event for you!


Team Events Are Imperative

  • Feelings of employee inclusion increases
    productivity up to 21%
  • Socializing between team members improves
    communication patterns more than 50%

    (Harvard Business Review)
  • Team performance is best among teams that communicate in informal situations.
    (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Newest Workshops For Your Next Team-Building Event:

Let us create your next team-building event!

Please tell us about your team and what type of team building event you have in mind. We will be in touch shortly to start creating your customized event.


Our Testimonials

"We LOVE Rockoly. Bonusly recently partnered with Chef Emily for a fun and interactive cooking class. Rockoly makes it super easy -- even sending the ingredients directly to your employees’ homes! We learned how to make a pizza from scratch, which opened up space for lots of great conversation."

Kylie Bradbury

Webinar & Social Media Specialist

"Chef Arturo was extraordinary! He had very good energy and was very knowledgable. We loved learning how to assemble the dish!"
"The best part was having all the fresh ingredients right there and making a delicious meal ... while being with colleagues in an informal setting and just having a good time!"
"Chef Emily was so fun to work with! She was very friendly and included everyone in the conversation. She answered all our questions -- big or small -- knowledgeably. She set the tone for a really fun experience!"


Your Rockoly Experience

Fully customizable
cooking events

Delivery of all necessary

Add wine pairing or
signature drink

International shipping for
global teams


We’re Here To Help

How far in advance do we need to book a team-building event?

We prefer 2-3 weeks lead time if you are interested in utilizing grocery delivery services but can handle events booked with shorter notice depending on seasonality.

Can Rockoly pair wine or signature drinks with our menu?

Yes! We offer both wine pairings and signature cocktails which can be added to any workshop. Please ask about our chef recommended pairings.

How are the workshops staffed?

A Rockoly team member will start the team-building event, welcome your guests, and hand it over to the Rockoly chef hosting the workshop.

What countries can you deliver to outside the US?

We’ve successfully delivered groceries to guests in places such as Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, Asia, plus many more! We are happy to confirm delivery services for all your international team members.

Who are the chefs hosting the workshops?

Rockoly chefs are professional, fun, and engaging, with different backgrounds in the culinary industry and extensive teaching experience. We match your chef based on the menu selected, their availability, and of course, your team’s personality. Check out some of our talented team-building chefs here.