ChatGPT Happy Hour Adventure

The Rockoly Happy Hour Class is a structured, hour-long session that seamlessly blends hands-on cocktail (or mocktail) crafting with an interactive introduction to the capabilities of ChatGPT. The class kicks off with a five-minute introduction led by Leslie, our in-house AI expert and mixologist, who outlines what participants can expect from the session. This is followed by a brief tutorial explaining how to leverage ChatGPT’s functionalities, such as summarization and brainstorming. To help attendees grasp ChatGPT’s summarization skills, a portion of the class will be transcribed in real-time, and ChatGPT will be tasked with creating a succinct summary, thus demonstrating how it can serve as a useful “meeting scribe.”

The core of the class revolves around a cocktail experiment using a specially curated mocktail kit that includes two types of bitters, two juices, and limes. Participants will be asked to craft cocktail recipes using these ingredients, and ChatGPT will do the same. This will be an interactive part of the session, where ChatGPT will also answer questions about its own recipe suggestions, provide historical or fun facts about the ingredients, and engage in playful banter. It’s a fun way to get creative while learning how AI can be a valuable addition to any team or project.

To round off the experience, the class includes a dedicated segment on how to prompt ChatGPT effectively. Participants will learn about various types of prompts—such as “What If,” “Challenge,” “Association,” and “Solution to”—that can help extract more targeted and useful responses from the AI. These prompts are not only applicable to the world of cocktails but also offer valuable insights into how ChatGPT can assist in a range of creative and problem-solving tasks.


Rockoly AI Happy Hour FAQs

Which ChatGPT capabilities will be covered in the class?

The Rockoly Happy Hour Class covers several key capabilities of ChatGPT:

  1. Summarization: ChatGPT will summarize the main points of a transcribed segment of the class, showcasing its ability to distill information.
  2. Brainstorming/Creativity: ChatGPT will generate a list of its top 5 cocktails based on the given set of ingredients, highlighting its capacity for creative thought and idea generation.
  3. Answering Questions: The class includes a Q&A session where ChatGPT will answer various questions, demonstrating its informational and conversational abilities.
  4. Explanatory Skills: ChatGPT will provide reasons for its choices in cocktail ingredients, and respond to follow-up queries, indicating its capacity for elaborative and explanatory responses.
  5. Knowledge Sharing: ChatGPT will share historical facts or fun anecdotes about vodka or other ingredients used, highlighting its capability to provide educational content.
  6. Prompt-based Interactions: The class teaches participants how to effectively use specific types of prompts (“What If”, “Challenge”, “Association”, “Solution to”) to interact with ChatGPT for various problem-solving and creative tasks.

Overall, the class aims to present ChatGPT as a multi-faceted tool that can serve both as an informational resource and a collaborative team member.

What is inside the Rockoly Happy Hour Mocktail Kit?

Our Rockoly AI Happy Hour Mocktail Kit is specifically curated for participants in the Rockoly AI Happy Hour Class. This kit contains everything you need to experiment with a variety of mocktail recipes using ChatGPT as your virtual mixologist. With a mix of bitters, juices, and a versatile fruit, you’re well-equipped to shake, stir, and sip your way to mocktail mastery!


  1. Orange Bitters
    • A citrusy blend that adds depth and complexity to your mocktails.
    • Quantity: 1oz bottle
  2. Herbal Bitters
    • A mix of herbs and botanicals that provide a layered taste.
    • Quantity: 1oz bottle


  1. Pomegranate Juice
    • Adds a sweet-tart flavor and vibrant color to your beverages.
    • Quantity: 8oz bottle
  2. Grapefruit Juice
    • Provides a tangy kick, excellent for balancing sweetness.
    • Quantity: 8oz bottle


Join Rockoly’s Happy Hour Class to mix cocktails and master ChatGPT skills in one fun-filled session!

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