Tasting boards are all the rave, especially for nights in with your friends. But cheese and crackers can get a little boring after a while. With these awesome charcuterie board ideas, you will impress all your friends and families!

So, no more casseroles or dips for your get-togethers — switch it up with these platters of goodies! All you need is a few minutes on TikTok and you’ve got charcuterie board ideas for the rest of your dinner parties!

Breakfast Board in Bed? Yes, Please!

Not only is this video relaxing to watch, but it makes me want to get out of bed and whip up some pancakes! Those grapefruit cutouts are both aesthetically-pleasing and scrumptious-looking.

Try bringing a pancake or french toast charcuterie board to your next get-together and watch it all disappear!

Maybe even show up in your pajamas and say it’s all about presentation. Hey, any excuse to be comfy!

Will you be my Charcuterie Valentine?

Forget the flowers, I want my valentine to give me a plate full of candies! This heart shaped present is perfect for any loved one in your life.

Filled with “xoxo” candies and shortbread cookies, you’ll fall in love with this amazing charcuterie board idea.

New on the Menu: Dominos Pizza Charcuterie

Run out of charcuterie board ideas already? No worries! Dominos took on their own spin for this fantastic party favorite.

Pizza and charcuterie seems like a long-awaited pairing, and this popular chain restaurant has you covered! Grab a couple of their pies and throw it on a board. Looks like a lot more effort than it actually is!

The great thing about these charcuterie board ideas is that you can customize it any way you want! Board nights are a hot thing nowadays, get together with your gal pals and each bring a different dish.

You’ll get to try and array of dishes and I promise you wont have the most boring board there with these awesome TikTok ideas!

Addison Riddleberger

Addison Riddleberger

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