How Rockoly Events Work

hybrid team building

Customize Your Event

Let us know where you'll host your team-building event. Will it be in-person? Completely virtual? Or a bit of both, with remote workers tuning into a live venue? We can cater to the needs of you and your team!


Get Delivery, Get Ready

Rockoly makes event preparation 100% stress-free for you and your team. We'll arrange a professional chef for your group workshop, along with sending all the necessary ingredients right to your team's doorstep or live venue!


Connect & Enjoy!

The big day has arrived! Enjoy the delicious dish you've selected to create, the company of an amazing chef, and quality time with your team!

hybrid team building
A New Breed Of Events

Interactive And Inclusive

Live chefs guide your event

Our classically-trained chefs (who are just so charming) will walk your team through a unique team-building experience.

Exciting event activities

Whether it’s making from-scratch salsa, tasting some Spanish wines, or anything in-between, your team will have a blast.

Reconnect with co-workers

We’ll set up a virtual space or live venue for your remote or in-person team. It’s a great time to socialize and bond!

All ingredients delivered

The food and drink delivery for all workshop events (to those in-person and remote!) are completely taken care of by us.

Include remote employees

You don’t have to leave behind those working remotely. We’ll make sure they can cook along with the chef and live team.

Hassle-free start to finish

Our team will handle everything — the pre-planning, event set-up, remote/on-location food delivery, and final tear-down.


Data-Backed Team Events

Feelings of employee inclusion increases productivity up to 21%

Gallup Inc.

Socializing between team members improves communication patterns by more than 50%

Harvard Business Review

Team performance is best among teams that communicate in informal situations

MIT Human Dynamics Lab

Virtual teams can surpass in-person teams if they receive enough support and team-building

MIT Sloan


Our Top-Rated Events


Big Smiles. Big Fun.

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Bonusly Italian Pizza Chef Emily
"We LOVE Rockoly. Bonusly recently partnered with Chef Emily for a fun and interactive cooking class. Rockoly makes it super easy -- even sending the ingredients directly to your employees’ homes! We learned how to make a pizza from scratch, which opened up space for lots of great conversation."

Kylie Bradbury

Webinar & Social Media Specialist


Venues Across U.S. and Europe

Picture this: You're in California, having a live team-building event with remote attendees
from the East Coast, UK, and Canada who are all participating. We do this for you!

Ready for team-building fun? Let's get started!