Foods from dehydrators belong in space or backpacks, not at the kitchen table — but, apparently not. 

Some TikTokers are sucking up all the moisture (and flavor?) out of our favorite foods. Would you try these any of these crazy meals?

This Is As Equally Hot As It Is Wild!

Hot sauce is one of the most amazing additions to any meal. But have you ever wanted to roll up your favorite sauce in a burrito form? Yeah, me neither. 

Why not just add the topping to the burrito itself? That way, the sauce does rehydrate from the moisture in your hands and leave you with a sticky mess.

If you do try out one of these, make sure you wash your hands very well afterwards — you don’t want dehydrated hot sauce in your eyes!

The World’s Longest S’more To Make!

I don’t know about you, but I get impatient when holding a marshmallow over a fire. I tend to just burn it instead of getting that golden crisp I want — it’s terrible, sorry!

However, I can’t imagine waiting five whole days for the marshmallow to be cooked (or dehydrated in this case) until I can enjoy it. Five days? I could have torched 1,000 marshmellows by then!

Then when they are finally done dehydrating, you don’t even get the ooey goodness of a s’more but more of an “aesthetically” pleasing plating opportunity. What a crazy meal!

Dehydrators gone too far?

I get that this is for a backpacking trip and is probably really helpful and nutritious compared to other on-the-go meals, but tomato leather? Just weird.

And rice from dehydrators seems like a crunchy mess and the beans don’t even resemble their name anymore! 

Overall, I could eat some of this — as long as the dehydrated hot sauce wasn’t involved. There’s something about the description “leather” that is not appealing to me.

But then again, offer me this bizarre meal after a few days on the trail and I might eat anything you put in front of me.

Fruit candy? What is this sorcery!


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This seems to be the one dehydrating video I can get behind. Dehydrated fruit is great for backpacking or a healthy snack, but I am not sure I would compare it to candy.

Also, wouldn’t it just be easier to eat the fruit as it is? Or just grab a candy bar from the local gas station when you need some sweets?

This seems like a lot more steps than what it’s worth. Not only do you have to take the steps to peel and slice the fruit, but dehydrate it overnight too? Again, just give me a darn candy bar.

With all these meals from dehydrators, I am sure someone would get a kick out of it. But ultimately, I think I’d rather have the real deal.

But dehydrate away, TikTok!

Addison Riddleberger

Addison Riddleberger

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