Frequently Asked Questions


What time can we have a virtual event?

Anytime! Rockoly will work around your schedule.

What is the best number of people in a virtual workshop?

Having hosted over 1,000 events, we’ve found that equal amounts of fun and bonding are found at every group size — whether that’s 3 or 600+!

What's the maximum you can host?

We can host as many people as you’d like at once! If you have a team with more than a few hundred participants, we do like to recommend splitting events up by departments or having them span two or three days.

What do I need to prepare for my cooking experience?

Here are a few best practices for our virtual events:

  1. We find that using wireless headphones is helpful as kitchens tend to be loud place with lots of moving around.
  2. A laptop in front of your cutting board works well as it allows you to adjust the angle from showing your face to the action. You can also log in another device such as your phone to be able to take your chef with you into pots, skillets and the oven.
  3. Have the recipe we sent to your team up on your laptop during the workshop. This makes sure you are able to follow along in case you miss an instruction!
  4. Make sure you have certain staples on hand (ie salt, pepper, lemon, butter, oil, pots, pans, skillets) and check the ingredients and equipment list provided by your chef.

When do we need to start planning our event?

Rockoly kindly requests a three-week lead time for cooking classes and a four-week lead time for happy hours. In some circumstances, however, we may be able to expedite an event depending on chef availability.


How are the sessions staffed?

A Rockoly team member will start the video call, welcome the guests, and hand it over to the Rockoly Chef hosting your event. For large events, we will provide extra staff members to help ensure the virtual workshop runs butter smooth.

Who are the chefs hosting these events?

Rockoly Chefs are professional, fun, and engaging with different backgrounds in the culinary industry and extensive teaching experience. We will match you to a perfect chef based on your selected menu, your team’s personality and cooking skills.

Can we use a different platform other than Zoom for the workshop?

Yes. Our chefs have used Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and other conference technologies before.

How will my event involve the team, facilitate bonding, and create an interactive space?

Our chefs are not just masters of cuisine, but they are also wonderful instructors! They know exactly how to bring out the best in everyone in the class — getting attendees chatting, laughing, and engaging.

There are plenty of times during the meal curation for interaction and questions. Our chefs ultimately prime the team to bond among themselves when they’ve completed their dish or concocted their drinks.


Do you cater to dietary restrictions?

We happily cater to any dietary restrictions! These include — but are not limited to — Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian diets.

What is the level of difficulty for each meal?

Rockoly workshops are fun for those of all cooking skill levels.

However, we do recommend that you talk to your Rockoly team member about the difficulty of the menu you selected. We want to make sure our “Takeout Tycoons” are able to keep up with the rest of the group! Our chefs are highly professional and engaging and will make sure everyone enjoys a great meal at the end of the session.

Can I create a custom menu?

Yes! We are more than happy to connect you with a Rockoly chef, who will help you customize the perfect class for your team.


What's your process for delivering ingredients?

Delivering locally and fresh is our highest priority! We use a variety of local stores to make sure all participants receive everything they need before the workshop.

What countries can Rockoly deliver ingredients to outside the U.S.?

We successfully delivered thousands of ingredients to residences in Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, India, Spain and more. Please check with us and we will let you know if we can deliver to all your international team members.

Can we book a class without grocery delivery?

Yes! If you decide not to opt for ingredient delivery, we will provide a shopping list for each one of your participants, in which everyone can source their own ingredients.


How can I get started?

We have three options by which to get started:

  1. Fill out our brief form here and we will reach out to you.
  2. Schedule a call with our team here so we can learn more about your event.
  3. Dial our hotline number (855) 496-9336

What are some ways teams use virtual workshops?

There are 7 common ways teams use Rockoly events.

  • Celebrations or Milestones
  • Welcoming Team Members or Intern Groups
  • Quarterly Events
  • Employee/Customer Appreciation
  • Learning New Skills
  • Holiday Parties
  • Part of — or finale of — long or multi-day conferences

Check out our blog post for more details on this here.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card payments, ACH bank transfers, and checks.

100 money back guarantee rockoly team building cooking chefs

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t see improved team cohesion and enhanced communication within 30 days following your team-building event, just let us know, and we’ll send you a prompt refund. At Rockoly, we’re committed to delivering results that matter to your team. Your success is our mission.