Collaborative Workshop

Through video conferencing, a live mixologist will
guide your team through the creation of classic
mixed drinks. Our workshops encourage
connection, boost morale, and spur-on

Ingredients Delivered

We made the hardest part the easiest. All
ingredients needed for our workshops are delivered
right to the doorstep of participating team
members. No runs to the store and no extra hassles.


How It Works

Step 1

Pick your kit

Step 2

Add a cocktail shaker set

Step 3

Enjoy your drinks


Pick Your Kit

60 mins

Add-ons: Cocktail Shaker Set

Drinks: Bahama Mama, Dark ’N Stormy & Midnight Daiquiri

Description: Take a virtual trip to the Caribbean during our Rum Happy Hour. Relax and feel the sunshine as you blend up a Bahama Mama. Dive into history with the sailor’s Dark ’N Stormy. Finally enjoy a modern twist on a Cuban classic as you shake up Midnight Daiquiri.

60 mins

Drinks: Gin Fizz, The Bee’s Knees & Negroni

Add-ons: Cocktail Shaker Set

Description: Indulge in the many sides of this floral liquor. Learn how to make one of New Orleans’ most popular cocktails, the Gin Fizz. Fast forward to the prohibition era and channel the speakeasy vibe with The Bee’s Knees. Then learn how to impress your friends with a Negroni, old school cocktail turned trendy darling.

60 mins

Drinks: Highball, Whiskey Sour & Gold Rush

Add-ons: Cocktail Shaker Set

Description: Learn how to make classic Bourbon cocktails. Starting at the beginning, build a vintage Highball. Next, shake it up with a Whiskey Sour and explore some common bar ingredients that may seem intimidating to use at home. Finally, dive into the modern bar scene with a Gold Rush.

60 mins

Drinks: Vodka Martini, Moscow Mule & Cosmopolitan

Add-ons: Cocktail Shaker Set

Description: Shaken, not stirred. Learn how to make a James Bond style Martini and why he orders his drink with these specific instructions. Next get a lesson in teamwork and science as you make a refreshing Moscow Mule. Finally, channel your inner fabulousness as you create and enjoy a Cosmopolitan.

60 mins

Drinks: Sweet Sunrise, Spicy Pineapple Mule & Blackberry Thyme Spritzer

Add-ons: Cocktail Shaker Set

Description: Explore the delicious side of crafting alcohol free beverages. Indulge your sweet craving with a twist on Tequila Sunrise, find refreshment in a Blackberry Thyme Spritzer and get spicy with a Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita.


Meet Your Mixologists

Donald Simons

Over the last 15 years, I've mastered the world of spirits. I've won cocktail competitions, created specialty drink menus, and managed a bar in Belgium where I host workshops. I love personalizing cocktails for people while giving them a unique, unforgettable experience!

T.J. Fink

With a decade of bartending experience in New York City, I have become an expert in building experiential events. As a molecular mixologist, I love crafting new cocktails and enjoying the chemistry behind them. I take great pleasure in learning and teaching new techniques to make tasty tonics!

Give Your Team The Tools To Succeed

With the right tools, mixing drinks is as easy as rye. When you book a Happy Hour workshop with one of our mixologists, you’ll have the option to provide members of your team a beginner’s mixology kit. This ultimate shaker set will keep the good vibes rolling.