Collaborative & Engaging

As people work from home all over the world, team-building is more important than ever. With our virtual Happy Hour, remote teams can finally come together in an exciting new way!

  • A top-rated mixologist will guide the team
  • Every team member can join – from anywhere
  • Fast-paced, team-building fun
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Virtual Happy Hour Ingredients

Ingredients Delivered

As people work from home all over the world, team-building is more important than ever. With our virtual Happy Hour events, remote teams can enjoy laughter and fun without any hassles.

  • Stress-free for the whole team
  • Fresh, delicious ingredients
  • Delivery right to everyone’s door

Your World Class Mixologists

Rockoly's world-class mixologists will ensure you and your team have an exciting and unique Happy Hour experience!


How Virtual Happy Hour Works

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Pick Your Kit

Choose from a variety of specialty-drink workshops.


Choose A Shaker Set

Provide your team the tools to succeed with a shaker set!


Connect & Enjoy!

Join the virtual event with your team and have fun!


Choose Your Cocktail Kit


Drinks: Dark ’N Stormy & Strawberry Jam Daiquiri

Take a trip to the Caribbean with a traditional sailor’s cocktail, the Dark ‘N Stormy, and a modern twist on a Cuban classic, Strawberry Jam Daiquiri. Learn to build, shake and garnish these delicious rum-based drinks.


Drinks: Gin Fizz & Greyhound

Dive into the nuance of this herbaceous liquor by learning the classic New Orleans beverage Gin Fizz and prohibition era beverage the Greyhound. Shake and stir to create these two delicious gin-based drinks.


Drinks: Lemon Drop Martini & Moscow Mule

Look on the sweet side with a Lemon Drop Martini and learn how a chance meeting of folks holding different puzzle pieces created the beloved cocktail we know as a Moscow Mule. Shake and stir away.


Drinks: La Paloma & Tequila Sunrise

Create an iconic Mexican beverage, La Paloma, and one that was created in America to reflect the beauty of the morning sky, the beloved Tequila Sunrise. Learn all about tequila and enjoy these striking drinks.


Drinks: Honey-Fig Whisky Sour & Earl Grey Highball

Learn all about the difference between Whiskey, Whisky and Bourbon as you build, shake and garnish these two modern American cocktails, a Honey-Fig Whiskey Sour and the Earl Grey Highball.


Drinks: Blackberry Thyme Spritz, Tropical Tea Zinger

Explore the delicious world of alcohol-free beverages. Learn to create a fruity and herb infused Blackberry Thyme Spritz and indulge in our Tropical Tea Zinger. Perfect the art of garnishing and relax in style.

Let’s Have Some Happy Hour Fun!

Each Rockoly Happy Hour event includes the following:

  • Interactive and memorable mixology class
  • Dedicated Rockoly event planner
  • Ingredient kit delivery for all attendees
  • 2 incredible cocktails made by everyone
  • Delicious mocktail options with all kits

Have questions? Ready to book? Fill out the form and our team will reach out to you to start planning your experience!


Meet Your Rockoly Mixologists

T.J. Fink

“With a decade of bartending experience in New York City, I have become an expert in building experiential events. As a molecular mixologist, I love crafting new cocktails and enjoying the chemistry behind them. I take great pleasure in learning and teaching new techniques to make tasty tonics!”

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Donald Simons

“Over the last 15 years, I’ve mastered the world of spirits. I’ve won cocktail competitions, created specialty drink menus, and managed a bar in Belgium where I host workshops. I love personalizing cocktails for people while giving them a unique, unforgettable experience!”

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