TikTok, being the creative bastion that it is, has absolutely outdone itself now — because the latest food trend is nothing less than brilliant. From mini burgers and fries to micro pizzas, here is the Tiny Food Challenge!

Miniature Pizzas Are Seriously Wow

Right off the bat, this one has everything. Now, if you opted to leave the sound off for the above video, you might have missed the best part — bizarre noises strung out into something resembling a melody. I think? I have no idea what that was.

As for the actual food — mini food, that is — it was prepared on a piece of wood the size of a saucer, rolled out with basically a dowel, and shaped-up with a fork the size of an ant. The pizza had inklings of tomato, cheese, and herbs. And then, in a move that sent the video to new heights, it was cooked in a miniature, custom-made brick pizza oven.

And yeah, it was cooked over a candle. Danggit TikTok, you’ve done it again.

Fun-Size Burger And Fries? Yes, Please.

The first Tiny Food Challenge video was a bit overwhelming, perhaps. This one is just mesmerizing.

It seems the process was basically like normal burger-crafting, except for the egg addition. That really threw me for a loop. Apparently, a dime-sized dollop of mustard surrounded by some oil (or maybe actual egg whites put in a bottle?) can basically pass for a Sunny Side Up egg!

But honestly, if they could make like 1,000 of those and ship them to my house, that’d be great.

The Smallest Lasagna Ever Made

Seriously, where do these pots and pans come from? Doll houses? It has to be. That said, I do appreciate how perfectly all the ingredients were layered in that little red pot.

Funnily enough, this whole challenge actually seems like a great way for people to lose weight. But then again, having single-bite meals might be detrimental and cause people to raid the fridge for normal-sized food. Well, it was an idea.

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