Whether you are celebrating February 14th with a special someone, despairing over your lack of a special someone, or just believe it’s a silly, Hallmark-generated holiday, these Valentine’s Day treats will keep that love-spirit alive.

So buckle-up buttercup, TikTok is gonna take you on a ride — again!

Non-Shareable Cheesecake Brownies


Reply to @selenacarter1202 these red velvet cheesecake brownies are 🤌 #redvelvet #cheesecakebrownies #ALDILove #valentinesdaydessert

♬ original sound – Sarah Crawford

You know it’s Valentine’s Day when red velvet anything shows up. And boy, does it make an entrance here.

How about all that stirring in the video though? Is that not the most satisfying thing you’ve seen? I mean, the most satisfying thing besides the delectable brownies at the end. So much yum.

New Spin On A V-Day Classic!

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic valentine’s day treat, but you’ve never seen them like this!

Sometimes chocolate can be tricky and messy. All that needs to be done for this delicious dessert is simply melting cream-cheese icing and rolling them in pecans. Easy. Tasty.

Even if you aren’t a pecan person, you can still enjoy these cream cheese-covered strawberries.

Literally The Perfect Duo


I took these to a birthday party and they were 🤌🏽🤌🏽 so freakin easy! #fy#foryou#easyrecipe#dessert#tiktokfood#foodie#valentinesday#foodtok#4u

♬ L O V E – Michael Bublé

We’ve already seen the classic strawberries and delicious cheesecake brownies, but what if you can’t decide between the two?

No worries! These mini no-bake cheesecake pans topped with chocolate covered strawberries and the perfect combination!

They are easy to make with little effort required. Your valentine will be so impressed!

Marry Me, Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards boards are all the rage. They are quick, easy, and just beautiful! What a better way to share a treat with your loved one than with this cute board!

This TikoTok lovebird filled their board with popcorn, chocolate-covered pretzels, raspberries, and shortbread cookies. I mean, just about anything goes here.

Is there a better V-Day treat to enjoy while watching a corny, early-2000s Rom-Com? I think not.

Let’s Get It Macar-On

Want to step up your treat game? These strawberry macarons are sure to impress your partner for Valentine’s day!

While they look scrumptious, they do require some extra work. However, when done, everyone will fall in love with the look and taste of these beautiful macarons!

At this point, let’s face it — we should just skip the romance and skip into the kitchen to make some of these Valentine’s Day treats. They deserve love too!

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