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Mexican Street Tacos

Mexican Street Tacos Rockoly team building cooking classes

On the Menu:
Mexican Street Tacos with Steak, Guacamole and Corn Salsa

Workshop Duration:
60 min

Team Activities (+15 min):
Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Story Relay

Dietary Info:
Gluten-Free Option, Vegetarian Option, Vegan Option

Tortillas from Scratch

Make your Mexican Street Tacos even more authentic by cooking warm tortillas from scratch with this flavorful add-on. (+30 min)


Make any dish a party with a cocktail add-on. Enjoy a margarita, bloody mary, mimosa, and more! (+30 min)

Create authentic Mexican Street Tacos with tender steak, fresh guacamole, and zesty corn salsa. Vegetarians and vegans will love their garlic mushrooms. Each bite is so flavorful, one taco isn’t enough. Make it a party and add a Margarita or Mojito.

Group Size:

< 55 – 3031 – 5050+

Virtual event rate includes personal chef, dedicated event planner, ingredient delivery, taxes and all service fees.

Cavatelli with Pesto

Cavatelli with Pesto Rockoly team building cooking classes

On the Menu:
Cavatelli with Walnut Pesto

Workshop Duration:
60 min

Team Activities (+15 min):
Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Story Relay

Dietary Info:
Gluten-Free Option, Vegetarian, Vegan Option

Wine Pairing

Complete the occasion with a wine pairing add-on and explore Italian vineyards to complement any dish.

Learn how to make traditional Italian Pasta from scratch: Cavatelli with fresh greens and walnut pesto. Complete the occasion with a wine pairing and explore Italian vineyards to complement the palate.


Group Size:

< 55 – 3031 – 5050+

Virtual event rate includes personal chef, dedicated event planner, ingredient delivery, taxes and all service fees.

Quick Italian Pizza

Quick Italian Pizza team building cooking classes

On the Menu:
Italian Pizza with Mushrooms and Cheese

Workshop Duration:
60 min

Team Activities (+15 min):
Scavenger Hunt, Trivia, Story Relay

Dietary Info:
Gluten-Free Option, Vegetarian, Vegan Option

Wine Pairing

Complete the occasion with a wine pairing add-on and explore Italian vineyards to complement any dish.

Pizza Set

Get the perfect pizza crust with the pizza kit which includes a pizza stone, peel, and cutter.

Make a real Italian Pizza in the comfort of your own kitchen. Top it with mushrooms and cheese – or really anything you find in your fridge and pantry. There are no limits when it comes to pizza. Complete the occasion with a wine pairing to feel like you are on vacation in Italy.

Group Size:

< 55 – 3031 – 5050+

Virtual event rate includes personal chef, dedicated event planner, ingredient delivery, taxes and all service fees.

Ready to dig in?


How Rockoly Events Works

Tell Us About Your Amazing Team

We’ll collect some info about your team, their preferences, and any dietary restrictions to maximize inclusion and fun!

Choose A  Team-Building Workshop

Pasta-Making, Mexican Street Food, and Spanish Paella are some fan favorites out of dozens of options.

Connect & Have Fun with All Ingredients at Your Door!

We’ll deliver ingredients to everyone and your team will enjoy the amazing chef, workshop, food, and team-building experience!

Collaborative & Engaging Team-Building With All Ingredients Delivered

Rockoly offers Virtual Team Building Cooking Classes that provide a unique opportunity for remote teams to bond over a shared culinary experience. These classes create a space where team members can come together, learn new cooking skills, and enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a professional chef.

This virtual team building activity provides a great way for remote teams to socialize and have fun while learning something new. Cooking together is a great way to build trust, encourage communication and collaboration, and foster a sense of community.

With Rockoly’s Virtual Team Building Cooking Classes, your team can have a memorable and enjoyable experience, even when working from different locations. By coming together to cook and share a meal, your team can strengthen relationships and create lasting memories. So, let Rockoly help you bring your team together with a culinary adventure that is sure to leave everyone feeling happy and satisfied!

  • A professional, friendly chef will guide the team
  • Every team member can join – from anywhere
  • All ingredients delivered
  • Fun add-ons like wine, cocktail, coffee and tea tastings available 
Virtual Team Building Cooking Class
Team Building Ingredients

All Ingredients Delivered

In today’s world, more and more people are working from home, making it crucial for remote teams to find ways to connect and build strong relationships. That’s where our collaborative, virtual team-building cooking classes come in.

Our cooking classes are designed specifically to provide a fun, engaging and collaborative experience for remote teams. By bringing your team together in a shared virtual kitchen, we create an environment where your team can bond, learn new culinary skills and create a delicious meal together.

All ingredients are hand-delivered a couple of days before your booked experience and include everything needed, we even customize each delivery for any diets and allergies.

  • Hassle-free for the whole team
  • Fresh, delicious ingredients
  • Delivery right to everyone’s door


Team Building With All Ingredient Delivered.

Bonusly Italian Pizza Chef Emily
"We LOVE Rockoly. Bonusly recently partnered with Chef Emily for a fun and interactive cooking class. Rockoly makes it super easy -- even sending the ingredients directly to your employees’ homes! We learned how to make a pizza from scratch, which opened up space for lots of great conversation."

Kylie Bradbury

Webinar & Social Media Specialist

100 money back guarantee rockoly team building cooking chefs

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don’t see improved team cohesion and enhanced communication within 30 days following your team-building event, just let us know, and we’ll send you a prompt refund. At Rockoly, we’re committed to delivering results that matter to your team. Your success is our mission.


Virtual Cooking Classes with Ingredients Delivered

What does Rockoly do?

Rockoly provides a unique opportunity for remote teams to come together and experience the joy of cooking with our live, interactive virtual cooking classes. We offer a variety of classes that showcase some of the world’s most popular cuisines, providing your team with the skills and knowledge to prepare these dishes at home.

Our friendly and experienced chefs guide your team through the cooking process, sharing expert tips and tricks along the way. They not only teach your team how to cook delicious dishes, but also provide cultural context and background, making the experience both educational and engaging.

In addition to honing their culinary skills, our virtual cooking classes foster connectivity and engagement within your team. By sharing a fun and collaborative cooking experience, your team will have the opportunity to bond, build relationships, and create shared memories. This can have a positive impact on overall team morale and happiness, even when team members are working remotely.

At Rockoly, we understand that corporate events can be a major undertaking, which is why we strive to provide exceptional service and support to ensure that your event is a success. We work closely with you to tailor our virtual cooking classes to your team’s needs and preferences, creating a unique and personalized experience that your team will never forget.

Rockoly’s live, interactive virtual cooking classes offer a fun, social, and cultural experience that is sure to delight your team. With our classes, your team can improve their culinary skills, build connections, and have a great time, all while enjoying the delicious fruits of their labor.

Rockoly also offers In-Person corporate cooking team building events, virtual Happy Hours and Wine Tastings.

Will virtual cooking workshop work for my team?

Discover the benefits of virtual team building with Rockoly’s popular virtual cooking classes! Our virtual cooking classes have become a favorite among small companies and large corporate teams alike. We have found that gathering around delicious food experiences is a smart way to engage employees and build team cohesion. Check out our popular virtual corporate workshops by clicking here.

Why team building is the most important investment you’ll make by Forbes.

How do virtual cooking classes work?

Cooking with chefs around the world in a Zoom cooking class couldn’t be simpler. All of our cooking classes come with all ingredients your team will ever need. Rockoly makes it easy to learn to cook virtually. Simply browse our delicious menus to pick the best one for your team.

How far in advance do we need to book a team-building event?

At Rockoly, we recommend providing a lead time of 2-3 weeks for events that require grocery delivery services. However, we can accommodate events with shorter notice depending on seasonality.

Can Rockoly pair wine or signature drinks with our menu?

Yes! We offer both wine pairings and signature cocktails which can be added to any workshop. Please ask about our chef recommended pairings.

How are the team-building workshops staffed?

A Rockoly team member will start the team-building event, welcome your guests, and hand it over to the Rockoly chef hosting the workshop.

What countries can you deliver to outside the US?

We’ve successfully delivered groceries to guests in places such as Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, Asia, plus many more! We are happy to confirm delivery services for all your international team members.

Who are the chefs hosting team-building workshops?

At Rockoly, we pride ourselves on our team of professional and engaging chefs who bring their own unique backgrounds and experiences in the culinary industry to our virtual cooking classes. Our chefs are not only experts in their craft, but they also have extensive teaching experience and know how to make the cooking experience fun and engaging for all participants.

We understand that the success of your virtual cooking class depends on having the right chef who matches your team’s personality, preferences, and the selected menu. That’s why we carefully match your team with the most suitable chef based on their availability, culinary expertise, and the specific needs of your team.

Our chefs are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with your team, whether your team members are experienced cooks or beginners. They make the cooking experience enjoyable and accessible, while still providing helpful tips and guidance to help your team create delicious dishes.

In addition to their culinary expertise, our chefs also bring a fun and personable touch to the virtual cooking experience. They create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and connection among team members.

You can meet Rockoly’s chef’s here.

If you have more questions, please visit our full F.A.Q. here.

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