The modern world presents both challenges and opportunities to companies looking to harness the power of virtual and long-distance communications in their team building and marketing strategies. These events allow companies to work together smarter and stronger, utilizing technology to access different modalities of synergistic communications, allowing for a practical and economic team building solution. This will, in turn, provide for a more efficient, productive, and profitable company, with workers that share more of the common bonds and connections that make a team successful.

Team building is an essential part of any business or growth plan for a company, as the employees and their ability to work together can make or break any business. Improving their ability to collaborate and work together to solve problems can increase your overall productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue. Employee retention is critical to success, and getting your employees together in an environment that is outside of their usual comfort zone at work will enhance their overall work experience. 

Benefits of Team Building Events

  • Enhanced Collaboration

Collaboration is a difficult thing for people to master, because of the varying viewpoints and opinions on any given team. Team building events give people a chance to overcome these differences, and practice accomplishing goals together in a way that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. Problem solving is the key to keeping any business running, and team building events are a great way to practice this skill.

  • Strengthen Relationships

At work, relationships can be difficult; however, that is exactly why you need them. Not everyone has the same personality or attitude about work or life, but diversity is key. Team building events, whether a virtual meet and greet over a video call, or a full-on virtual painting or cooking class, offer the opportunity to build a more cohesive and unified team.

  • Build Integrity

When practicing dealing with small challenges and adversities, your team will gain an idea of how they operate under stress and handle issues that may come their way. Team building events usually involve problem solving events in some capacity, whether it’s a virtual escape room or a trivia game. This will create an intuitive sense of how to delegate responsibilities and solutions within the ingroup social structure.

  • Increased Revenue

Teams that show increased unity and ingroup cohesiveness also demonstrate improved efficiency and overall productivity. When companies engage in this type of comprehensive trust-building activity, overall trust and access to hidden talent rise. What this means is that as social cohesion rises, income and revenue streams will also rise, leading to an overall fitter and more successful company. 

Types of Team Building Activities

  • Digital Trivia Events

Trivia is a classic team building event that has been used to increase group cohesion and effectiveness for decades. From Jeopardy-style game show mimicries to various events that can range from work-related to purely for fun, this is a great way to build relationships among team members. This format also translates well to a video call or online format, making it perfect for remote workers.

  • Cooking Activities

When it comes to digital or remote activities, it’s good to get creative. Cooking translates well to this format, as ingredients can be delivered to team members while chefs are ready on the video to instruct the class. At the end of this method, your employees will have exercised their problem solving skills and produced a finished product they can enjoy and be proud of.  

  • Wine Tasting

A certain truth for the adults-only crowd is that everyone loves wine. Have it delivered remotely to your workers, and share an icebreaker or other fun game while sipping on some luxurious and delicious wines. A team building company will provide a professional sommelier that will guide and enhance the experience for all involved.

Strategize for Success

Team building is an inherent part of any company, and will happen naturally whether it’s planned for or not. If you have the resources and a team that can benefit from it, it’s smart to harness this natural and intuitive process in a way that will maximize benefits for your business. Team building goes back to our oldest roots as primitive humans, and using technology can add a modern and efficient touch to this ancient instinctual process.

Team building doesn’t have to be a pricey or expensive endeavor, however. It can be as simple as some printed-out word games on sheets of paper, or even just sitting down and talking with some coffee. Ultimately, the strength of the final team will depend on the team members more than on any team building activities, so be sure to pre-select appropriately to build a qualified and cohesive team that won’t have too many internally conflicting personalities or ideologies.  

This way, your team will be on the road to success, allowing you to focus on the other crucial aspects of running a business. Build the team first, and they will provide a long-lasting and powerful engine for any business.  


Addison Riddleberger

Addison Riddleberger

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