Chef Emily

“I love teaching others how to cook good food just as much as I love cooking it myself. I am patient, kind and joyful. Exactly the type of person you want by your side as you learn new skills."


Chef A’Donna

"Ever since I was 10 years old I've always loved cooking! Having studied culinary and nutritional management my goal is to help others discover the healing properties of food through cooking."


Chef Arturo

“I'm a chef with more than 10 years experience in the gastronomical industry. My specialty is Mexican food, Oaxacan cuisine in particular, which is arguably the best and varied food of Mexico!”


Chef Heidi

“I am dedicated to detail, beautiful plating and, of course, delicious cuisine. Having been a teacher for 13 years, I also delight in educating my clients on how to recreate the dishes they love!”


Chef Marcela

“I've been in the food industry for almost 20 years. Teaching online allows me to meet people from all over the world, which I love! I look forward to sharing my expertise and to cooking with you!”

Chef Andrea

Chef Andrea

"I've been in the kitchen ever since I could hold a spatula! My passion for cooking stems from the bonding experience that happens around food. I specialize in fun, international recipes, and comfort food."


Chef Lenka

“My main focus in baking and cooking is where my origins are - in Eastern Europe. I love our rich culinary heritage and enjoy sharing my baking passion with people from all around the world.”


Chef Katya

"With the experience of running two restaurants, I decided my passion was food education. My specialties include nutritious plant-based dishes and traditional world cuisine made from scratch."


Chef Daniela

"Growing up in Brazil, I learned the value of mixing ingredients to create food with a multicultural flavor. I enjoy sharing my passion and teaching a variety of fun and educational classes."


Chef Mark

"I started cooking at 7 and worked in various kitchens learning wonderful techniques from chefs along the way. I love sharing my tools by combining diabetic mitigation with cooking instruction!"


Chef Dallas

"I've been in the culinary industry for nearly 11 years and am now at the level of Sous Chef. I love exploring healthier recipes, including gluten and sugar-free, low-sodium, heart healthy, and Keto."


Chef Angela-Michelle

“I can take your taste buds to places they've never been, or to memorable places that spark nostalgia. I love food, and enjoy sharing my unique take on food, spices, and flavors with the world.”


Chef Michael

"I have been in the culinary field for 10 years learning a lot about the industry. I specialize in Jamaican Fusion cuisine; my class is full of bright, tropical flavors, at-home tips, and laughter."


Chef Jenny-Li

"My culinary journey started helping my mom in a Restaurant. I enjoy teaching authentic Asian cuisine in a simple and approachable way, share fun facts or even some Chinese words!"